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Open source Java library for getting information about workflow of Java application

Contents ✓Description ✓Progress measuring ✓Progress measuring by isolated criterion ✓HTTP status code measuring ✓Throughput of exact code ✓Licensing Description Tool logs time, throughput per second, progress and forecast of workflow, sensors data (measured parameters) for each measurer (analyzed entity) with configurable frequency (default 15 seconds). Each sensor indicates measured value, changes after previous logging, percent among other sensors of current measurer. You can see some use cases below. Progress measuring There are several pre-defined sensor's names such as success, fail and error. But you can use any string for any sensors. For example .success(); or .measure("success"); Call Result Progress measuring by isolated criterion In that case if it is unknown in advance maximum value of important criterion but it is possible to track progress by separated criterion you can use it as isolated sensor in possibleSize(isolatedSensor, size). For example to calculate number of goods during import from shops we know only number of shops. You can use “shop” as isolated sensor. Call Result HTTP status code measuring For example, we have a web crawler which browses web-sites, and we need a statistic of HTTP response status codes - 1xx/2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx. Call Result Throughput of exact code Usually, software system consists of big number modules, each of them can be processed by separated measurer (with it’s sensors). By default, throughput any module is calculated for whole execution period of whole system. But sometimes it is ne... Read more

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