Skills and specialization

Over 7 years of experience of managing development departments. During this time I was successful in organizing IT divisions from scratch in two companies. I was responsible for creation technical specification, determining requirements, planning, estimating project timing terms and setting deadlines, breaking down and distributing tasks, managing and leading team of developers, creating job description, interviewing candidates.

Software design and development more than 17 years. Using re-factoring, unit testing, design patterns and avoiding using anti-patterns. Experience in design and development customer data storage which includes issues of consistency and coherence of data. Creation cache system, design and development CMS.

Development for Java EE platform with using framework/technologies: Spring, EJB, Hibernate, Web services, Java Concurrency/Multithreading, NIO; application servers: GlassFish, JBoss AS; web servers: Tomcat, Jetty, Nginx; DBMS: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL; Clouds API: DigitalOcean, AWS S3.


Proof of skills

  • Glossary of trade assortment for large trading marketplace. Development objects to glossary binding algorithms, analysis of unstructured data.
  • Platform for real estate agencies with inter-company data exchange and demand-supply matching.
  • Intelligent replication system between unlimited number of distributed data center in order to ensure system resilience with increased reliability requirements — in project «Situation center 112».
  • «Navstat» — vehicle monitoring system.
  • Information portal «Otdih Na» — speed data storage, core stabilization, two level cache system, load balancing, search system.
  • Information portal «», the most famous sections are news, business, art event schedule, musical lounge, job applications, statistics, chat.


Detail resume with work experience, achievement, completed projects, education, training and certificates

Java Developer with seven years of experience with Java platform and a specialist's degree in computer science. Determined and ambitious individual with a strong technical background and ability to lead. I am interested in a career in Software Engineering or in IT Project Management in a dynamic company. details…

Nuances of Java development

This blog is about Java development and describes in detail the most interesting topics

All you want to know about Singleton

The singleton design pattern is one of the most inappropriately used patterns. In this article we review several implementations of a singleton that work correctly in multithreaded environment, with serialization and cloning tasks and even with reflection attacks.
November 2019          pattern   singleton   dependency injection        1

SynchronousQueue VS TransferQueue

One addition in Java 7 is an interface TransferQueue in addition already exists from Java 5 SynchronousQueue. What is the reason of new interface?
June 2019          concurrency   multithreading   SynchronousQueue   TransferQueue       

How to use ConcurrentHashMap in Java

Before Java 1.5, if you need Map implementation, which can be safely used in multithreading Java-application, you have only Hashtable or synchronized Map, because HashMap is NOT safe.
March 2019          concurrency   multithreading   ConcurrentHashMap       

Open-source projects

Open-source projects and tools I am an author of or involved in


Open source Java library for getting information about workflow of Java application
March 2020        GitHub          logging   performance        1

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