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Oleg Poltoratskii

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Resume objective

Java Developer with seven years of experience with Java platform and a specialist's degree in computer science. Determined and ambitious individual with a strong technical background and ability to lead. I am interested in a career in Software Engineering or in IT Project Management in a dynamic company.

Skills and specialization

Management competencies

Over 7 years of experience of managing development departments with number of employees under my responsibility up to 6 people. During this time I was successful in organizing IT divisions from scratch in two companies. I was responsible for creation technical specification, determining requirements, planning, estimating project timing terms and setting deadlines, breaking down and distributing tasks, managing and leading team of developers, creating job description, interviewing candidates.

Technical skills and competencies

I was involved as independent expert for appraisal of software services quality. Software design and development more than 17 years. Using re-factoring, unit testing, design patterns and avoiding using anti-patterns. I dealt with load balancing, fault tolerance, ensuring minimal downtime. Experience in design and development customer data storage which includes issues of consistency and coherence of data. Creation two-level cache system for CMF. Design and development CMS.

Software development in team using version control systems (Git, Subversion, CVS), continuous integration tool (Jenkins), build automation tool (maven), project management tools (Redmine, dotProject) and bug-tracker tools (YouTrack, Bugzilla, Trac).

Development for Java EE platform with using framework/technologies: Spring, EJB, Hibernate, Web services, Java Concurrency/Multithreading, NIO; application servers: GlassFish, JBoss AS; web servers: Tomcat, Jetty, Nginx; DBMS: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Derby; Clouds API: DigitalOcean, AWS S3.


  • English, B2 (CEFR), Upper-Intermediate, certificate IELTS Band 6.0
  • Russian, native

Education and training

  • Certificate IELTS Band 6.0, «SI IELTS Test Centre — Rostov-on-Don», March 2015
  • Course «ANSI PMI PMBoK Guide v.5 based Project Management», Computer Training Center «Specialist» at Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Bauman MSTU), June 2014
  • State registration of the computer program #2013661926, «BST State and municipal payments», December 2013
  • Course «Psychological aspect of successful production activities», ANO «ECC “Energopersonal”», June 2012
  • Certificate #00197794 «Java programming», Training Center «Intuit», May 2012
  • Engineer's degree (5 years), Control and Computer Science in Engineering Systems, Faculty of Computer Technique and Automation Systems, Kuban State Technological University, 1996 — 2001

Work experience

Java developer, Self-employment, since 2014

Creation glossary of trade assortment for large trading marketplace. Development objects to glossary binding algorithms, analysis of unstructured data. Binding algorithm throughput is 30000 requests/sec. Increased performance allowed to reduce import time from 5 hours to 15 minutes.

Creation platform for real estate agencies with inter-company data exchange and demand-supply matching.

Senior Java developer, CJSC «Sirius», 2013 — 2014

I established sub division of software development, gathered appropriate team, organized team work — integrated such systems as version control, project management, bug tracking. Job instructions were elaborated about mandatory using unit testing and continuous integration tools.

Realization of intelligent replication system between unlimited number of distributed data center in order to ensure system resilience with increased reliability requirements — in project «Situation center 112».

Project «BST State and municipal payments» was developed. Software has State registration.

Development information portal «Universal electronic card».

Senior software developer, IT department, JSC «Kubanenergo», 2011 — 2013

Implementation of increased protection against employees fraud in contracts reference system. Growth general system performance.

Passed a competition and got place in talent pool — would get opportunity for promotion if a position was opened.

Software developer, LLC «CSI Infokinetika», 2010 — 2011

I improved architecture, made memory and performance optimization for server part of vehicle monitoring system — «Navstat». Reducing number of servers as a result.

CTO, LLC «Na Kubani.ru», 2008 — 2010

I gathered team of developers, incorporate version control and bug tracking systems. Procedures about release order of versions, moving changes to production server were elaborated. Implementation best practices of software development.

Creation speed data storage with extendable hierarchical field sets. Advanced API helped developers to accelerate the creation of modules, by delegation all work with data to storage.

Two level cache system for CMF was developed. Module approach allowed to increase the probability of cache hit.

I increased stability and speed performance of core, integrated developed cache system that led to performance rise up to 48 times. Launching 4 servers with load balancing allowed to enhance resilience and to increase uptime up to 99.95%

Senior software developer, LLC «Yuga.ru», 2005 — 2008

Development and maintenance of information portal «Yuga.ru», the most famous sections are news, business, art event schedule, musical lounge, job applications, statistics, chat.

Statistic system for blog service «Diary.ru» was implemented.

Implementation access control systems, content verification using digital signatures and certificates for Adygheya president administration web-site.

Content management system «Mediabox» for high complexity enterprise web-sites was designed and developed.

Personal qualities

Purposeful, ambitious. Inclination to arrange processes, responsibility. Permanent self-education and professional development. Ability to convincingly defend my point of view and to find compromises.


Skiing, snowboarding, rafting.


Versions of resume

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